Button Teaching Guide


 Lesson 1: Let's Get Them Pressing

Concepts covered in this video include:

  1. Modeling - An activity for helping your learner associate desirable things (play, food, outside, pets) with spoken words (“verbal modeling”) or button presses (“button modeling”).
  2. Choosing your buttons - A guide to choosing a first button, based on your learner’s motivation, and ease of learning
  3. Setting up your button - A simple guide on FluentPet button and HexTile setup
  4. Reading your learner - Helps you understand when your learner is best primed for learning (vs when they’re too stimulated to pay attention, or not in the mood to interact).
  5. Let’s get them pressing - When your learner is attentive and engaged, here’s some tips and tricks to get them interacting with your soundboard and buttons.

Lesson 2: What if my learner isn't pressing?

Some learners press without any fuss at all! Others take more time. Even when a learner begins pressing early on, some lose interest and need a new approach to get back on track. 

In any case, don’t be discouraged - consistency is key. The following content can help you continue making progress!

  1. Early signs of progress -  Know what progress looks like! Even when you haven’t observed a press, there’s a lot of observable behavior that helps you know you’re building towards it.
  2. Motivating your learner - Exercises for helping understand what motivates your learner. This includes the Motivation Tower, an exercise for mapping out what the top motivators for your learner are. 
  3. Preparing for buttons - Think more deeply about button pressing, different ways you can use your tone of voice, and other considerations when starting to teach buttons.
  4. Your soundboard setup - Think more deeply about your soundboard setup. Think about if the location is good, whether you have just a few to start, etc.
  5. Adding new buttons - Learn more about when and how to add new buttons. Even before your first press, understanding how learners learn new buttons can help you figure out what things could elicit that first press on the first button.

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