FluentPet Talking Dog Buttons

Dog and Cat with FluentPet Gift Box for Holidays Dog and Cat with FluentPet Gift Box for Holidays

This Holiday, give them
what they really want

Help your dog or cat communicate with the most advanced recordable talking buttons.

"I could not believe how fast my 4 year old cat Mona caught on. In a month she knows 7 words!"

Wendy Johnson

"I love how this has allowed my learner to express his needs/wants better. It's a great outlet! "

Emily McDonald

"After she conveyed her first word, she learned new words right away. It has been two years now since we’ve been using Fluent Pet."

Ana Pinell

"Super high-quality! Sound is much better and doesn’t wear out as easily. "

Cecilia Forbes

"Having her respond to us pressing the buttons has already shown Fluent Pet’s incredible value. Worth every penny so far, and can’t wait to see where this journey takes us."

Yanick Romero

Give them the tools to tell us what they’re thinking.

We've known for millennia that dogs and cats can understand the words we say. Now we can teach them to use those words to truly tell us what they’re thinking and feeling.

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