Introducing Our FluentPet 365-Day Return Guarantee!

365-Day Return Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied, don't fret! We've got you covered.
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Communicate with your dog or cat like never before with our FluentPet Button Kits! We're so confident you and your furry friend will love it, we offer a simple 365-Day Return Guarantee.

🩵 Masterful Design for Easy Learning: Dive into FluentPet's meticulously crafted system, uniquely designed to build a strong language foundation. With our color-coded hexagonal tiles, your furry friend will swiftly link words to actions, translating their thoughts effortlessly.

🩵 Grow As They Learn: Your dog's vocabulary is limitless with FluentPet! As they conquer each word, you can seamlessly expand their communication board by adding more buttons. Their potential knows no bounds!

🩵 Join a Thriving Community: Step into a world where pet communication is celebrated! Join our ever-growing FluentPet family, rich with resources, expert tips, shared experiences, and a support system that ensures you're never alone in this journey.

🩵 Simplicity at Its Best: No tech expertise? No problem! Our buttons are a breeze to set up and record, setting the stage for your dog's voice to shine from day one.

Witness the Magic: Don't just take our word for it! Countless success tales, heartwarming stories, and viral moments testify to the transformative power of FluentPet. Watch as dogs and cats around the world share their feelings, desires, and even profound thoughts.

Choose FluentPet and unlock a world of conversations with your beloved friend. 🗣🐶🎉

Free US shipping on orders over $99! ✈️ Globally shipped & dispatched as early as 2 business days. 🌍 📦

Whether you're a proud dog parent or a cat enthusiast, here's your golden ticket to pet conversations! And hey, if they're a tad bit shy? No worries! We've got complimentary button teaching courses and a purr-fect support team ready to guide those paws (or whiskers) to button-pressing stardom.

Give it a whirl, and let your furry friend find their voice! 🐶🐱🎉

Free Shipping on US orders over $99 (Applies to items out of our US warehouses to addresses in the Contiguous US).

Introducing Our FluentPet 365-Day Return Guarantee!

Our FluentPet Button Kits are designed to enhance communication with your furry friends. However, since things don't always go as planned, we're excited to offer our hassle-free 365-Day Return Guarantee.

With this guarantee, you have a full year to try out our FluentPet Button Kits with your beloved dogs or cats. We want you and your furry friends to have the best experience possible, and if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, no worries! You can send it back. 

Here's how it works in a nutshell:

  1. Try It Out: Spend a year with our FluentPet Button Kits and discover the magic of deeper communication with your dog or cat.
  2. Not Thrilled? No Problem: If FluentPet isn't working for you and your furry friend, simply email us within 365 days of your purchase. 
  3. Return It: You simply send it back to us. Please note, you'll cover the shipping cost for the return.
  4. Full Refund: Once your returned kit has been received and processed, we'll promptly refund its cost, no questions asked!

We're here to support you in every step of your button journey. Our return guarantee is designed to be straightforward and teacher-friendly, just like our FluentPet products.

So, go ahead, give it a try with confidence. Join the FluentPet family today and take the first step towards a deeper connection with your four-legged companions!

Got questions? Reach out to our friendly FluentPet team anytime. We're always here to help.

Important Guarantee Details: Your 365-Day Return Guarantee is specifically valid for FluentPet Button Kits, starting the day of purchase. Each kit is covered by a single guarantee and proof of purchase is required to return your product. Your guarantee is good for a full year, giving you ample time to experience the joy of button communication. We're here to support you every step of the way in your FluenPet journey! 🐾