Private Button Coaching
Private Button Coaching

Private Button Coaching

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  • 30 Minute Recorded Coaching Session
  • Private Session with Button Expert
  • Personalized Advice
  • Customized Training Plan
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Private Button Coaching Tailored to Your Furry Friend’s Unique Personality

Every dog and cat is different. Private button coaching can help you teach your dog or cat to press buttons confidently, tailored to their unique personality and temperament. Whether you’re just getting started or needing to get over learning humps, this personalized approach will help you achieve your button teaching goals.

Private coaching can help you:

  • get your learner pressing buttons
  • ensure your learner understands the meaning of each button
  • troubleshoot specific challenges
  • expand your learner’s vocabulary
  • teach a second learner buttons
  • navigate the complexities of a multi-learner household
  • address physical or behavioral concerns (button-related or not)

Benefits of Private Coaching

Get personalized guidance from an animal and button-teaching expert tailored to your dog’s or cat’s unique personality and temperament.

One-on-one coaching provides:

  • personalized attention. You and your furry friend will receive individualized attention from an experienced coach who will tailor their approach to the specific needs of your dog or cat.
  • customized training plan. The coach will work with you to create a training plan that takes into account your pet's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
  • targeted guidance. Get all your questions answered, from how to get them pressing and troubleshoot issues to what button to introduce next.
  • recordings of your sessions. Because these sessions are packed with actionable advice and next steps, we provide a recording of each session so you can go back and review it as needed.

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