Bunny The Dog That Talks using Fluent Pet Dog ButtonsBunny the dogs that can talk with Fluent Pet Dog Buttons

Let's teach them to talk

What if your dog could tell you what they're thinking?

Button Kits for Every Level of Learner

On a Quest to Realize Their Untapped Potential

We've known for millennia that dogs and cats can understand words we say. It turns out that with a few sound-making buttons they can "say" words too. 

Join Bunny and tens of thousands of other dogs and cats using buttons to “talk”

Bunny's FluentPet word board has over 40 words and is growing week by week. With FluentPet's compact buttons firmly seated in a hexagonal tile grid, word locations are easier to learn and remember. As your learner's button vocabulary expands, adding buttons is as easy as sliding in another hexagonal tile.

Organize Words by Category to Help Them Learn

We've combined ideas from speech language pathology and cognitive science to design intuitive arrangements that help you and your learner remember. Record your own voice into the button and your learner can play it back with a light press. As your learner's vocabulary grows, FluentPet's interlocking tiles make it easy to expand.

Properly-sized buttons that actually work

We've made sure FluentPet buttons can get the job done. With a high quality speaker and high fidelity audio, both you and your learner will have little trouble hearing whatever word or phrase you've recorded.

Thousands of Dogs are Using Buttons to “Talk”


The FluentPet tiles helped us organize Casper’s words into a more user friendly configuration. As a result, he uses more words, more often and puts them together in such a way that we understand what he is trying to communicate.

Stephanie R.
Teacher of Casper the Border Aussie

Something funny happened when I set up the buttons in the hextiles. Kalifa went nuts, and pressed them all over and over again. She loves it 😊

Nina H.

Best dog buttons on the market!

Best product on the market for dogs! Highly recommended! Excellent customer service and an all around great product! No instructions needed. The buttons are the perfect size for my 5lb dog. 

Erin Weiner
Not sure where to begin?

We've sponsored a community-built guide to help you get started at How.TheyCanTalk.org. There you'll find tips and tricks, do's and don'ts, and how-tos for modeling the most common first concepts.