Button Bootcamp

Button Bootcamp

Jump Start Your Button Teaching Journey

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  • FREE with every FluentPet purchase
  • 30 minute interactive button teaching session
  • Live Q&A to answer your specific questions
  • Action plan to get your dog or cat "talking"
  • Exclusive access to button teaching videos and written content, featuring Alexis - Bunny the Talking Dog's teacher
  • Direct access to button teaching experts


Jump Start Your Button Teaching Journey

Join us for our 30-minute power course to get all the tools you need to teach your dog or cat to talk.

Button Training

Interactive Button Teaching Bootcamp

30-minute power course showing you how to teach them to talk

Interactive button teaching assignments

Steps to Get Them Pressing

Learn how to teach them to start communicating with buttons

Button teaching expert

Live Q&A Session

Get your specific button questions answered by a FluentPet expert

Icon Works Out Of The Box

Exclusive Access to Teaching Resources

Access button teaching videos and content to accelerate your progress

What Our FluentPet Academy Grads Have To Say

Bunny & Alexis using FluentPet Dog Talking Buttons

About FluentPet

Supporting the world’s most advanced button teachers and learners.

Used by over 100,000 households globally, FluentPet buttons make a significant difference in the lives of animals and their humans. We are dedicated to continually improving the FluentPet experience and work with the community to identify ways to make our best-in-class buttons even better with the FluentPet Speak Up button.