CleverPet stands behind its FluentPet products and warrants FluentPet branded products against manufacturing defects that cause products to fail for a period of two years from the date of purchase.

Our warranty is transferable, but proof of purchase must be provided. Please provide the name of the original purchaser along with their order number, email address or shipping address. For security reasons we need two points of reference to confirm an order.

This warranty DOES NOT cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by biting, scratching, liquid damage, extreme environmental conditions, etc. Frequently replacing the sound buttons in the HexTiles may loosen the HexTile’s grip, and issues caused by this are not covered by the warranty.

Contact us at info@fluent.pet to submit a warranty claim. As well as providing your order information, please include your current shipping address, and for button problems, a video showing what the problem is.

We ask for a video because it is much quicker than asking for the buttons back to analyze, and sometimes we can provide a quick fix. If we can't, we'll arrange to send out replacements.

Some helpful tips for the video:

  1. If there are multiple buttons, we need to see how each one is working.

  2. Please show how the button behaves when you press it on play mode and also when you try to record a word.

  3. When recording on the button, make sure the switch is to the left and the button is held down for 2-3 seconds to hear the beep.

  4. If the video file is too large to attach to an email (max is 40MB), please upload the video to a google drive or your social media account and share the link with us. If you share your video through messaging on any of our social media accounts, please email info@fluent.pet to let us know, so we can ask our social media team to be on the lookout for it.

  5. For HexTile claims, please include photos of your HexTile's front and back. Providing your order information and verifying your shipping address with us immediately will speed up the warranty process.

Please Note: We will answer your e-mail in 24 - 48 hours. If you don't receive a response, please check your SPAM folder.