Virtually every dog and cat can learn to communicate using buttons.

The secret is having the right teaching approach. FluentPet Academy is based on feedback from thousands of successful button teachers and led by experienced instructors. This is why our course attendees have a 96% success rate in teaching their learners to communicate with buttons.

FluentPet courses help dogs and cats learn to press buttons in half the usual time.


Button Bootcamp

30-minute interactive session providing the basics of button teaching with live Q&A and an action plan to get them pressing.
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Let's Get Them Pressing

4-week course designed to get them pressing in half the time. Includes 9 live recorded coaching sessions and interactive assignments.
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Button Troubleshooting

15-minute interactive problem-solving session with live Q&A to tackle your specific button obstacles.
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Advanced Button Teaching

6-week course that covers advanced concepts and customization of your soundboard to enhance and diversify communication.
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Private Coaching

30-minute personal coaching session to address your unique needs, from overcoming obstacles to managing a multi-animal household.
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Meet Our Instructors

Ashley Evenson

Anthrozoologist, Certified Canine Behavior Consultant & AIC Teacher

As creator of the curriculum, Ashley has a proven record of student success. She has multiple degrees in Anthrozoology and over a decade of experience working with many species. She’s also a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA) and a researcher studying the buttons. Her passion radiates through her teaching, and she empowers students with the knowledge they need to help their learners succeed. No matter your learner’s traits or challenges, she can help you better understand them and pave the way to button teaching success.

Morgan Krug

Dog Behavior Consultant and Trainer & AIC Teacher

Morgan is a Professional Dog Trainer of 17 years with a BS in Psychology and a lifetime appreciation of cats. While primarily specializing in Dog Behavior Consulting as a CBCC-KA working with anxious dogs, the ‘cat distribution system’ delivered Jasper as a feral kitten and Morgan’s interest in feline behavior was renewed. Three years ago, Morgan began teaching buttons to her herding dogs as well as Jasper, then blind and chronically ill. Morgan created a custom ‘kitty-braille’ system of textures to assist  Jasper’s soundboard navigation, and is excited to help you unlock your own unique learner’s potential!