Vamos a darles un curso urgente
Vamos a darles un curso urgente
Vamos a darles un curso urgente
Vamos a darles un curso urgente
Vamos a darles un curso urgente
Vamos a darles un curso urgente

Vamos a darles un curso urgente

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  • 9 sesiones de coaching en vivo en grupos pequeños
  • Tamaño de clase íntimo con acceso directo a los expertos de FluentPet
  • Tareas interactivas que aceleran el aprendizaje.
  • Foro privado para hacer preguntas y compartir el progreso.
  • Acceso a grabaciones de conferencias para revisión y flexibilidad de horarios.

What You'll Learn In This Course

  • Learn to read dog and cat body language
  • Understand thinking behaviors to avoid interrupting your learner’s thought process
  • Find out more about how they see and experience the world
  • Learn how to prepare for, introduce, and teach buttons
  • Get customized, individual help determining the perfect starting buttons for your unique learner
  • Plan and design the optimal soundboard setup for your learner and household
  • Dive into different types of target training and strategies to get them pressing
  • Identify signs of progress in your learner’s button teaching journey
  • And much, much more!
Interactive learning

Hands-on Learning

Small group coaching sessions designed to get them successfully pressing

Interactive Assignments

At-home exercises designed to accelerate learning

Intimate class size with direct access to button instructor

Direct Access to Experts

Intimate class size with direct access to button instructors

Meet Our Instructors

Ashley Evenson

Anthrozoologist, Certified Canine Behavior Consultant & AIC Teacher

As creator of the curriculum, Ashley has a proven record of student success. She has multiple degrees in Anthrozoology and over a decade of experience working with many species. She’s also a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA) and a researcher studying the buttons. Her passion radiates through her teaching, and she empowers students with the knowledge they need to help their learners succeed. No matter your learner’s traits or challenges, she can help you better understand them and pave the way to button teaching success.

Joelle Andres

Special Educator - Education Leadership and Neuroscience & AIC Teacher

Joelle is globally recognized as the force behind Bastian the Talking Terrier. Aside from bonding with Bastian and his big “thithy” Kiley, she's a Special Education administrator with degrees in Fine Arts, Education, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Leadership and a certification in the NGH Hypnosis, aiding in neuro-linguistic nuances. For over three years, she's successfully guided both her own and others' learners in their button journeys (despite the slander you may have heard from Parker).

Morgan Krug

Dog Behavior Consultant and Trainer & AIC Teacher

Morgan is a Professional Dog Trainer of 17 years & lifetime appreciator of cats with a BS in Psychology. While primarily specializing in Dog Behavior Consulting as a CBCC-KA working with anxious dogs, the ‘cat distribution system’ delivered Jasper as a feral kitten & Morgan’s interest in feline behavior was renewed. Three years ago, Morgan began teaching buttons to her herding dogs as well as Jasper, then blind & chronically ill. Morgan created a custom ‘kitty-braille’ system of textures to assist  Jasper’s soundboard navigation, & is excited to help you unlock your own unique learner’s potential!

Sascha Crasnow

Educator & AIC Teacher

Sascha is best known as Puppy Parker Posey’s human (aka ball thrower). She works as a university lecturer in arts and culture of the Islamic world, and has a PhD and MA in art history and a BS Honors in Psychology. She brought her interest in education, pedagogy, and curiosity about the capacity of our furry household companions to teaching Parker AIC, with great success. Through a mix of social media tutorials and one-on-one discussions via DM, Sascha has worked to help others start and progress on their own journeys with their learners, something she’s excited to bring to the FluentPet Academy!

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to button communication
  • Button teaching terminology
  • Dos and don’ts of button teaching
  • Basics for healthy interactions
  • How to read your learner
  • Learner-directed speech 
  • How to talk to your learner
  • Practice talking to your learner
  • Common button concepts 
  • Verbal modeling basics
  • Begin tracking word recognition
  • Identify words they already know
  • Why motivation matters
  • Types of motivators
  • Relationship between arousal & learning
  • How to pick motivators for button teaching
  • Identify your learner’s best motivators
  • How to pick your learner’s starting buttons
  • Insider info on common early concepts
  • Button modeling basics
  • How to model buttons
  • Modeling tips
  • WATER modeling games
  • Record your first button
  • Set down your first button
  • Choose a starting soundboard location & strategy
  • Choosing a soundboard location
  • Soundboard layout guidelines
  • Soundboard design
  • Making soundboard changes
  • Tips for picking future buttons
  • Build your own soundboard activity
  • Basics of teaching them to press
  • Strategies to get them pressing
  • Step-by-step button target training
  • Signs your learner may begin pressing soon
  • Intro to thinking behaviors
  • Early learning phases of button teaching