Speak Up Get Started Kit
Speak Up Get Started Kit
Speak Up Get Started Kit
Speak Up Get Started Kit
Speak Up Get Started Kit

Speak Up Get Started Kit

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This kit has 6 FluentPet Speak Up Buttons, with premium audio that can be heard clearly, even in the next room. It also has 3 HexTiles, button stickers and edge pieces to keep your soundboard free of dirt and hair.
Speak Up Get Started Kit
Speak Up Get Started Kit
Speak Up Key Vocab Kit
Speak Up Key Vocab Kit


  • 6 FluentPet Speak Up Buttons
  • 3 FluentPet Bold HexTiles
  • 35 Ideogram Stickers
  • 18 Pre-Installed Batteries
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The Clearest, Loudest Button Available

Each button has a state-of-the-art microphone and speaker system, allowing you to record and clearly play back any sound or word you want to teach your learner.

Icon Best Sound Quality

Best Sound Quality

Loud and clear quality audio so you can hear the sound from each button press all the way to the next room.

Icon Record Your Own Voice

Record Your Own Voice

Customizable with any language, words or sounds you'd like to teach your learner.

Icon Big and Small Learners

For Big & Small Learners

Ultra-easy to press even for smaller learners (requiring only 0.5 lbs of pressure).

The Clearest, Loudest Sound Button Available
Icon Compact Design

Compact Design

Only 1.9 in (4.8 cm) in diameter means you can fit more buttons in less space.

Icon Works Out Of The Box

Works Out Of The Box

Get hundreds of playbacks with 3 pre-installed long-lasting LR44/AG13 Alkaline batteries.

Icon Perfect Fit On HexTiles

Perfect Fit On HexTiles

Use with HexTiles that hold buttons securely to organize words and simplify learning.

Completely Redesigned From The Ground Up

Sound now comes from the top of the button

We moved the speaker so the sound comes out of the top, enabling clearer sound quality and ensuring there’s nothing in the way when it’s placed in a FluentPet HexTile.

On/Off switch at the bottom of the button

We’ve also moved the switch to the bottom of the button so that the button can be inserted in any orientation into the HexTile.


What's the Deal with HexTiles?

Frequently Asked Questions

As always, none of our buttons are waterproof and therefore you should not use them outside or submerge them in liquid. However, we have done extensive testing and have not seen any issues with drooly dogs using these buttons. The openings in the top of the button are very small which makes it harder for liquid or dirt to get inside the button.

Yes, they are the same size as previous buttons and are compatible with our HexTiles.

Yes, they use the same 3 AG13/LR44 batteries.

No, there is no light or visual feedback. Our Connect Buttons do have a light in them.

No, our Connect Base and Connect Buttons are the only ones with connectivity

Pressure required to activate the button is similar to the previous design. Our buttons are very sensitive to the touch and only require 200 - 250g or about .5 lbs of pressure to activate.

Your learner should feel almost no difference at all. We have not seen any cases where a learner was confused by the new design.

Yes, FluentPet Stickers will be compatible with Speak Up Buttons.

Bunny & Alexis using FluentPet Dog Talking Buttons

Supporting the world’s most advanced button teachers and learners.

Used by over 100,000 households globally, FluentPet buttons make a significant difference in the lives of animals and their humans. We are dedicated to continually improving the FluentPet experience and work with the community to identify ways to make our best-in-class buttons even better with the FluentPet Speak Up button.