FluentPet Trainer Program

Trainer Program

Learn how to make button communication part of your training toolbox

Our program is designed to integrate button teaching into standard dog training practices

By aligning button teaching with core training principles, the FluentPet Trainer Program augments traditional methods, enabling more nuanced communication between dogs and their humans.

Benefits of Becoming a Button Success Trainer

Exclusive Badge

Display the Button Success Trainer badge on your website, promotional materials, and social media.

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Connect with FluentPet customers seeking trainers to help teach their dogs to communication with buttons.

Trainer Community

Join an exclusive trainer forum, where you can share insights with fellow Button Success Trainers.

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Button Teaching for Trainers Course

Button Teaching for Trainers Course

Enhance your traditional training methods with a powerful, humane tool that aligns with positive reinforcement techniques.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the role of buttons within the context of behavior analysis
  • how buttons can be used to increase dogs' agency and behavioral diversity
  • step-by-step methods for teaching dogs to communicate using buttons
  • strategies for introducing button teaching to training clients, addressing objections and incorporating it into daily routines
  • opportunities to partner with FluentPet, including our Affiliate program and getting listed on our website
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Dianne Keck


Ashley Evenson

Anthrozoologist, Certified Canine Behavior Consultant, AIC Teacher

How to Become a Button Success Trainer

Complete the Course

Complete our online Button Teaching for Trainers Course with a minimum score of XX%

Take Our Pledge

Commit to our Trainer Pledge, affirming your agreement to our FluentPet Trainer Guidelines

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