Let's Make Your
Button Presser A Star!

What is FluentPet's Got Talent?

We created FluentPet's Got Talent to showcase the button-pressing abilities of your amazing dogs, cats, and other furry friends as they communicate with buttons!

Capture and share those heartwarming, hilarious, and incredible moments of interspecies communication. It doesn't matter if you're using FluentPet buttons or any other kind – we’re all about celebrating learners in all stages of their button journeys. will be the stage for our contest, where a vibrant community of button teachers gather to ask questions, share experiences and offer tips to button newbies. 

Contest Prizes

$500 FluentPet Store Credit

One Grand Prize winner will be based on the video with the most votes on

$250 FluentPet Store Credit

Two 2nd Place winners will be selected by members of the FluentPet Team

$100 FluentPet Store Credit

Twenty 3rd Place winners will be selected at random from all video entries

How to Enter

Join the Community

Join our free teaching community on

Choose Your Videos

Capture and choose your videos. See below for contest rules and selecting the right camera

Submit Your Videos

Go to our Contest Entry page and upload up to 3 videos showcasing your furry friend's button skills.

Get Out The Vote

Share your entry with the community and
encourage voting for a chance to win the top prize!


Selecting the Right Camera

Unsure about the best camera for documenting your companion's button-pressing skills? Dive into our comprehensive camera comparison matrix. Compiled by our FluentPet Guide community, this detailed breakdown helps you choose the perfect camera based on your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

Camera Comparison Matrix

Just a Few Rules

  • Submissions must be uploaded to the designated contest space on
  • Only one submission per household is allowed, but each submission can include up to 3 videos showcasing their learner(s) pressing different buttons for different reasons.
  • 20 winners will be randomly selected to receive $100 in FluentPet store credit.
  • One prize of $500 in FluentPet store credit will be awarded to the top submission as determined by community votes.
  • Two prizes of $250 in FluentPet store credit will be awarded to the top submissions as determined by the FluentPet team.
  • Videos must be original and owned by the participant.
  • By submitting a video entry, participants agree to grant FluentPet the right to use the videos for contest promotional purposes.
  • Videos showing coerced presses (cued, confined, withholding) will be disqualified.
  • Videos do NOT need to show FluentPet buttons. Anyone with any buttons can enter.
  • The contest will run from March 25 - April 17th.