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It took our dog Toby a couple months to use his first word but you can see he's enthusiastic about it now! We did the Button Bootcamp and within a few days he had multiple words. He barks so much less now that he can communicate more clearly!

Robin D.

The introductory "Bootcamp" was very helpful. I appreciated how the presenter got thru the material and allowed plenty of time for questions. She treated everyone's questions as equally important … I learned a lot just from that 30-minute session.

Stephanie C.

The 30-minute Bootcamp was great - lots of good tips with a very nice community feeling. I also enjoy the emails and online self-learning lessons. My learner is very engaged, caught on quickly and we are communicating more & more each day!

Patty M.

The FluentPet buttons arrived, were easy to set up, and look great! I love that the 'Button Bootcamp' was included in the purchase as this was extremely helpful in getting set up for success.

Rebecca S.

What You Get With FluentPet Academy

FREE Button Bootcamp Session

  • This 30-minute course provides step-by-step guidance on how how to teach your dog or cat to talk using buttons.

  • Each session includes 15 minutes of live Q&A so you can get your specific button questions answered by a FluentPet expert. ($40 value)

Button Teaching Resources & Videos

  • Get exclusive access to training videos from the teachers behind the most famous "talking" dogs and cats.

  • Enjoy around-the-clock availability of lessons that guide you through every stage of the button teaching process, drawing on insights from thousands of successful button teachers.

Exclusive Special Offers & Discounts

  • Get early access to special offers on FluentPet courses and products, which will come in handy as your furry friend's vocabulary grows.

  • These offers are tailored to ensure that you're equipped with the right tools and materials to keep pace with your learner's button journey.
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