FluentPet Talking Dog Buttons

Bunny The Talking Dog Using FluenPet Talking Buttons to Communicate with It's OwnerBunny The Talking Dog Using FluenPet Talking Buttons to Communicate with It's Owner

Bunny's Favorite
Talking Buttons

Help your dog or cat communicate with recordable talking buttons.

Give them the tools to tell us what they’re thinking.

We've known for millennia that dogs and cats can understand the words we say. Now we can teach them to use those words to truly tell us what they’re thinking and feeling.


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These buttons have created an opportunity for me to deepen my bond and relationship with my dog.

Heather H.

This is truly such a gift to give both pet and owner, to be able to communicate in this way. Now when he doesn't have them he's SO vocal, and the second he gets back to his words he hits "Love you!" every time.

Kristen S.

Not only are they better made but the sound quality is light years better! So clear and easy to understand. And we love that it is hard for the pet to accidentally remove the recording. And they are a great size for my little Yorkie!

Leslie T.

It took our cat two months to show interest but now she uses it constantly. It’s wonderful to know exactly what she wants/feels and the set up is so easy.

Christina B.

Not sure where to begin?

We've sponsored a community-built guide to help you get started at How.TheyCanTalk.org. There you'll find tips and tricks, do's and don'ts, and how-tos for modeling the most common first concepts.