Buttons 18-pack (No HexTiles)

Buttons 18-pack (No HexTiles)

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  • 18 high quality sound recording-and-playing buttons, designed for paw presses 
  • Record any sounds or words you want on to your own buttons!
  • Works out of the box! Includes long-lasting alkaline batteries (AG13) capable of hundreds of plays
  • Smaller diameter (1.9"; 48mm) buttons mean you can fit more into a smaller space!
  • Durable, scratch-resistant design

NOTE: No HexTiles are included in this add-on pack.

 The buttons are small and lightweight that work great for teaching your dog new words; they are equipped with a high-quality microphone and speaker that produce loud and clear sounds that are easy for both you and your pet to hear. Buttons can easily be configured and re-configured within the HexTiles.