Classic Ideogram Sticker 2-Pack
Classic Ideogram Sticker 2-Pack

Classic Ideogram Sticker 2-Pack

Label your FluentPet Sound Buttons

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🩵 Masterful Design for Easy Learning: Dive into FluentPet's meticulously crafted system, uniquely designed to build a strong language foundation. With our color-coded hexagonal tiles, your furry friend will swiftly link words to actions, translating their thoughts effortlessly.

🩵 Grow As They Learn: Your dog's vocabulary is limitless with FluentPet! As they conquer each word, you can seamlessly expand their communication board by adding more buttons. Their potential knows no bounds!

🩵 Join a Thriving Community: Step into a world where pet communication is celebrated! Join our ever-growing FluentPet family, rich with resources, expert tips, shared experiences, and a support system that ensures you're never alone in this journey.

🩵 Simplicity at Its Best: No tech expertise? No problem! Our buttons are a breeze to set up and record, setting the stage for your dog's voice to shine from day one.

Witness the Magic: Don't just take our word for it! Countless success tales, heartwarming stories, and viral moments testify to the transformative power of FluentPet. Watch as dogs and cats around the world share their feelings, desires, and even profound thoughts.

Choose FluentPet and unlock a world of conversations with your beloved friend. 🗣🐶🎉

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  • 2 x Ideogram Sticker Sheets (49 ideograms per sheet)
  • Make your button easy to recognize and remember
  • Visually unique and distinguishable by dogs
  • Includes an extra set of ideograms
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    Note: FluentPetSound Buttons sold separately-shown for illustration purpose only

    Label your FluentPet Sound Buttons

    By labeling your buttons, you make it easier for both you and your learner to remember which button is which! With two sheets of 63 ideogram stickers, you can use the stickers on two sets of soundboards or keep a spare set for when ideogram stickers need replacing.

    • Label buttons with ideograms to make them easy to recognize and remember
    • Designed to be visually unique and distinguishable by dogs and humans alike
    • Includes an extra set of ideograms for a second soundboard or button re-labeling

      Ideograms: Visually Distinct for Easier Recognition

      FluentPet’s ideograms have been designed to be visually unique and distinguishable by learners and human teachers alike. Since we don’t expect most learners to be able to immediately recognize or understand an ideogram simply from its appearance, our focus was on making them easy to tell apart from each other. To accomplish this, we’ve made sure to vary the ideograms in their form, layout, and visual spatial frequency.

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