FluentPet Sound Button

Record-and-play buttons

  • 1 x FluentPet Dog Talking Buttons
  • Includes Pre-Installed Batteries
  • Customizable with any High-Quality words or sounds
  • Designed to be ultra-easy to press (even for small dogs)
  • Compact design (fit more buttons into a smaller space!)
  • Long-lasting batteries capable of hundreds of plays
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Comes with...

    1 – FluentPet Sound Button (batteries included)
    Note: HexTiles and Ideogram Sticker Sheet not included 

    Record-and-play buttons purposefully designed to be easily pressed

    FluentPet Sound Button are small, so even if you have dozens of words they don’t take up much space, and your learner can quickly move from one button to the other. We strived to give each button the lightest possible touch mechanism, making them easy for even small learners to activate. Each FluentPet Sound Button can play back any sound you record into it using the best microphone and speaker we could get.

    • Customizable with any words or sounds you'd like to teach your learner
    • Designed to be ultra-easy to press even for small learners
    • Compact design (1.9 in / 4.8 cm in diameter) means you can fit more buttons into a smaller space!
    • Works out of the box with long-lasting batteries (3 alkaline AG13) capable of hundreds of plays
    • Use with HexTiles to hold and organize buttons—helping your learner discover and remember

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