Real-Life FluentPet Stories

We are thrilled to announce the release of FluentPet Stories, a video that helps to demonstrate the impact button teaching and FluentPet has had on the lives of four customers and their furry friends.

As a small team of cognitive scientists and animal lovers, we developed FluentPet with the goal of helping people connect with their dogs and cats in a more meaningful way. With FluentPet Stories, we are excited to share examples of these deep connections and what's possible with button teaching. In "Stories", you will hear from Alexis, McKenzie, Morgan, and Sascha, who share their personal experiences and successes with the FluentPet system.

We were deeply moved by what they shared, beautiful examples of how button teaching can have a powerful impact. We hear from Alexis about how she was able to remove a foxtail from her dog Bunny's paw after Bunny used the buttons to communicate her discomfort. McKenzie talks about how FluentPet has helped her better understand her dog's emotions and has strengthened their bond. Morgan shares how Jasper told her she needed her eye medicine. And Sascha speaks about how FluentPet has given her a deeper appreciation for the individuality of each of her animals.

We know that many of you have supported FluentPet because you, too, believe in the importance of building strong relationships with the animals we share our homes and this planet with. We are deeply grateful for your support and belief in our vision. We hope that FluentPet Stories will help demonstrate the true potential of the dogs and cats we care so much about. 

If you haven't yet tried FluentPet, we encourage you to check out the video and learn more about how our system can help you better understand your dog’s or cat's needs and desires. With FluentPet, you can give them a voice and uncover entirely new dimensions of who they are.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

-The FluentPet Team



  • Susanne

    Yup. I cried. <3

  • Laura Nguyen

    This has been our experience too! We had no idea that our dog, Chai, prefers to work for his dinner with puzzles. We used to try all kinds of supplements to get him to eat his food. One of his first requests was puzzle for breakfast! He finishes it all if it is presented in puzzles!

  • Dr. Sara Shiewitz

    Love this video. Keep them coming. Very powerful stories. And great to see such a success story with a cat.

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